The second project was in the Urban Highway New or Reconstruction category for the Douglas County Southern Connector job. Brannan Sand And Gravel was the Contractor and the Owner Agency was Douglas County. This $1.8 million project consisted of 3 miles of new roadway, 4 new bridges, and access roads, Brannan placed 28K tons of asphalt. Not only was this completed on schedule but it scored perfect scores in several categories. The judges were impressed and gave it 328 points stating “There were no visible signs of transverse or longitudinal joints, this was one of the best projects we’ve seen this year”. The project team was headed by Project Manager Jeff Briar, Project Engineer Gunther Anderson, Paving Supervisor Donald Perez, Paving Foreman Eduardo Quezada, Paving Supervisor Abe Perez Jr., and Paving Foreman Sammy Herrera.
There were many other companies involved in these projects, as you can imagine these projects take rigorous planning, protocols, timelines, safety concerns, and so much more. Without collaboration and communication, these projects can’t be done safely and efficiently, and there’s nothing more that we want than to keep both our employees and community safe by using the highest standards.

The overall view of urban highways at Denver, CO